Are you ready to experience YOUR AMAZING LIFE?
So WHAT is holding you back? 
It's time to Let it Go...
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Are you aware that you have control of what you think and feel?
Let me show you how...
Release what doesn't serve you, honour you, raise you up!
We have all been exposed to and are victims of negative experiences and emotions.  
We then attach this to how we feel about ourselves.  
This creates self-imposed limitations.  We let this hold us back.  
We use this as excuses for not having the life we dream and desire...

How can we change and release these false limitations and excuses?

This program is for YOU!

Nadia Piccone has created a step-by-step system that shows you how to do exactly that.

You DESERVE and are WORTHY of living 
the life of your

Nadia has personally experienced the benefits she shares in this program.  These techniques have encouraged her to build her self confidence, self love and empowerment.   As a Yoga and Meditation teacher, she witnessed that many people were also holding themselves back from the lives they wanted to live.  They too, needed to release what didn't serve them...  

She developed this program and has personally helped many through her workshops and classes.

Now you too can have access to these tools and techniques!
Say YES to YOURSELF and experience a new love for yourself xo
Many people have experienced the benefits of the tools and techniques in this program.
Here's what they have to say:

"This video program is easy to follow. It helped me to get clear on what has been holding me back-the false negative beliefs I had about myself. I now feel more open and confident."
-John J.
" When letting go of the past or things that upset you or hold you back, Nadia's guidance helps you to do so with ease and calm.  Two key elements that make the journey of letting go possible. Thank you Nadia"
-Maria D
"This program will help those who have "stuff " (don't we all!) that they need to let go of.  Just as the title promises.  Invest a bit of time in yourself to improve your outlook on your life.  Nadia is authentic and down to earth.  She's a great teacher and will lead you on this worthwhile journey!"
-Joanne C
It's Time:
Say YES To Your Life
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Letting Go Program

   Online Self-Study Program
  Video Welcome and Introduction to Program
  Step #1:  Video-Letting Go Of What?
   Step #2: Video- Why I Need To Let Go
  Step #3: Video-How to Let Go and "Let God"
  Step #4: Video-What Do I Want More Of?
  Step #5: Video-Triggers

Printable PDFs
Option to print the PDFs if you prefer to put your pen to paper to complete the exercises
Downloadable MP4
Letting Go Meditation
Download this meditation so you can listen on any device at your convenience and comfort.  
Yes, I'm ready!
I am ready to release what doesn't serve me, so I can make room for what does.  
I am ready to release the negative baggage that I have been carrying around with me.  
I am ready to release my negative experiences, habits, thoughts and feelings.  
I am ready to replace those with positive thoughts of love for myself.  
I am ready to to live the life that I desire and deserve!
I will receive instant access to:
  The Letting Go Program-online video content
  Downloadable PDFs
  Downloadable MP4 Letting Go Meditation
  Ability to access program anytime, anywhere as often as I desire
This entire program for only $49.97 USD
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It's time to set yourself free...
You Deserve and are Worthy of living the life of your Desires and Dreams
In this easy to follow, step by step video program, you will: 

* Of the negative emotions and beliefs that you are hanging on to
* The negative self-talk that you are believing
* Notice how this negative "baggage" is holding you back

* Engage in thought provoking exercises and activities
* Honour your past and welcome your new future

* Identify how you want to feel and what you want
* Soul-searching exercises to create clarity on the life you desire and deserve
* Tips to make these changes permanent
Make a choice to Release and GO!
enjoy a Detailed, step by step Easy to follow ONLINE COURSE THAT SHOWS YOU how to Release what Doesn't serve you - so you can CREATE THE LIFE YOU WANT

This could be the start of something 
If that’s what you want, then go for it!

This life has always been available to anyone willing to work for it.
Yes!  I'm ready to do this!
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